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Today is the tomorrow we´ve been so worried ´bout yesterday

We´d rather keep our faith in life

Don´t imagine darkest clouds

Spreading shadows on our tomorrow

That isn´t even here!

Dreamer they say you´re just a dreamer

The dreams you design

Seem abstract and divine

Dreamer you maybe nothing but a dreamer

Tell me what dream is real

Is it life that I feel?

Or is it all a dream?

They call it common sense cling to reality

All your life

It all depends on what you really see

Through your souls eyes

You explore life

The way it really is

Dreamer (choir) – reveal the magic secret

Dreamer (choir) – the power of your spirit

Dreamer (choir) – life unfolds its facettes and you´ll see

To dreams is real, to be is real

You´re what you believe, you´re what you feel

All is one and all is here!

Dream on, dreamer, dream on! (Choir)

So please remain a dreamer just dare to be a dreamer

Would it be so absurd?

When life was a bird

Takes you to the skies of dreams

Music: Dan Stein

Words: Dan Stein

© Dan Stein January 2014